Order your titles correctly

This one is simple, use <h1>, <h2>, h3, etc... Your page should at least have an <h1> and should not jump from <h1> to <h3> without an <h2>. If you want a smaller title, use CSS but don't ruin the semantic for styling purposes! The same applies when, for example, you have a smaller title before the main title. If this happens, change the smaller title to a simple text.

The reason why it is important is because screen readers users have shortcuts that allows them to jump directly to your titles and count on you to organize them logically. In long pages it can rapidly become hard to link to certain parts of your page. Adding an id and a hidden link to your titles can help your users share specific parts of your page. With this technique, the user can click the title to add the id to the url.

This website actually uses this system. You can find the JavaScript function for this in the github repo of my parser Kaku.

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Initially published: November 23rd, 2020
Generated: November 12th, 2021