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Kaku 書く

Kaku 書く (write) is my own markup language. It's inspired by Markdown with a few modification for quotes, links, images and lists handling. It was created to fit my needs and is currently used on this website.

Purpose and mission

Kaku was created as a replacement for Markdown in my own projects. There are two main reasons for its creation:

  1. I don't like some syntax choices of Markdown, for example the use of of square brackets both for images and links.
  2. Markdown does not allow using some HTML tags like <video>, <audio> or <dl>.

How does it work?

Check the syntax on the repository. The parser exists in two branches:

  1. The master branch is the classic parser as explained below
  2. The responsive-lazy-images is a modified version with more advanced image management, but severely opiniated so it can work with Ronbun

If you are new to Kaku, use the master branch!


Kaku 書く is a free to use by individuals and organizations that do not operate by capitalist principles. For more information see the license file.