Who am I ?

I'm a front-end developper since 2015 and independant journalist specialized in fighting games since 2009. As someone acting both in content creation and container creation, I have a unique experience that helps me create better websites for my clients.

Need a website, an article about fighting games or some insight on both those subjects? Please get in touch!


As a journalist, I am specialized in fighting games going from classic series like Street Fighter to modern ones and even indies. With 20 years as a fan and 10 years as a writer, I provide deep coverage of games, studios, social gatherings and tournaments.

Front-end dev

As a developer, I am specialized in project management and front-end tools, using mostly html, css and javascript. All along my career I used classic tools like Bootstrap and jQuery as well as more moderns one like React and Gatsby JS. I also focus on speed optimization in the browser.

More about Thomasorus

Other skills:

  • Project management
  • Event organisation
  • Community management
  • Video and audio editing
  • Conference animation
  • Some backend (node, mvc)