Web development

A group of pages related to web development, mostly notes for myself.

HTML tips

A collection of HTML and CSS tips to build simple yet optimized websites — Read more


Make my website accessible and look OK
You are in a hurry and want to make your pages
What is accessibility
A primer on accessibility for the web
Accessibility rules and tools
A collection of accessibility tips to build simple yet inclusive websites
The basics of HTML
The basics of what is needed when starting a website in HTML
What is semantic HTML
An explanation of semantic HTML and why it's important
Never use tables for layout
An explanation about why using tables for layout is a bad practice
The display property
What is the display property in CSS and how it affects HTML
Flexbox the goat
A primer on flexbox and why it's awesome and simple for HTML layout
CSS Grid the almighty
a primer on grid and how it can replace CSS grid frameworks
Order your titles correctly
How to handle titles in HTML so they are logically ordered and accessible
Make your links clear and accessible
A collection of HTML basic tips to build simple yet modern websites
Organize your text content
The useful HTML elements when dealing with text
All about images
How to make images optimized, responsive and easy on bandwidth
All about video and audio
Tips and tricks about video and audio codecs for the web and how to use the audio and video elements
Doing forms correctly
A deep explanation about accessible forms and error handling in HTML
Strong b em and i
What's the deal with strong, b, em and i in html? Which one I pick?
When to use a button and a link
Buttons and links are used for different things, here's an explanation
HTML interactive elements
Interactive HTML elements are like small native components that can help in some situations
Other kinda useful semantic elements
The HTML elements you probably don't know but that could be useful in some situations
Tables are not that complicated
How to do accessible tables (it's not that complicated)

CSS tips

A collection of CSS tips to build simple yet optimized websites — Read more


CSS good practices
CSS Good practices to optimize file size and specificity and not hate CSS
CSS methodologies
CSS methodologies
Basic forms styling
How to get forms usable in less than 50 lines of CSS
New CSS that can actually be used in 2024
Multiple innovations have been released and are now supported in all modern browsers, and some of them fundamentally change how to make websites.

JavaScript tips

A collection of JavaScripts tips to build simple yet optimized websites — Read more


List of JavaScript frameworks
A list of JavaScript frameworks that can be used in different situations
Questioning the JS frontend paradigm
An ever growing list of links questioning the JavaScript paradigm

Cross platform web app solutions

A list of cross platform web app solutions — Read more

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