My Raspberry Pi configuration

I've been trying to use a Raspberry Pi as small development machine for personal projects. The overall goal is to spend less time on the computer by creating a distraction free machine with limited capabilities.

I use a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 gigs or ram and an aluminium heatsink.

Pi 4 with a heatsink
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After a lot of testing I ended using Dietpi. The install experience is poor but compensated by the large amount of tweaks and software proposed. It's probably better to create your own user experience by installing and tweaking the window manager and file manager that suits you.

But what is amazing with Dietpi is how responsive it is considering it's running on a Raspberry Pi. I installed i3 window manager and thunar and almost everything launches instantly. Even an Electron app like Visual Studio Code is usable as there's no lag when typing (but startup and syntax color can be a bit slow).

I use the 32bit version as the 64bit has bugs.

A screenshot of my i3 Desktop
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Dietpi installation guide

This guide is mostly for my own use but feel free to use it.

Basic setup

Other programs

Chrome extensions

i3 config file

My config file is available on github.

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