I'm Thomas

I code user interfaces for humans.

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I am a freelance front-end developer with 8 years of experience, living by the sea in Brittany, France.

I transform designs and APIs into websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVGs. I bridge the gap between developers and designers when needed. I provide feedback and solutions for accessibility and performance issues.

I have worked on many different stacks: pure SSR MVC frameworks using templates, design systems with Web Components, and Single Page Applications using JavaScript meta-framworks.

If you have trouble making your websites responsive, fast, accessible or visually cohesive, I'm probably the right person for the job.



FRONTEND ENGINEER, Iguana Solutions, 2021-2024
  • Development of a Single Page Application (SPA), for an in-house startup project.
  • Stack selection and implementation: Svelte, Sveltekit, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, CUBE CSS Methodology
  • UI and UX counseling, UI integration with HTML/CSS/JS in Svelte components
  • Development of custom libraries to interface with AWS services: login with Amplify/Cognito, tracing with Xray, etc.
  • Engineering of the state and data flow of the application using Svelte stores (writable/derived, unidirectional data flow)
  • Development of an interactive diagram system (edit, drag and drop, zoom)
DESIGN ENGINEER, Arkéa Banking Group, 2018-2021
  • Development of a design system of reusable, accessible, native components that can be used in any JavaScript framework as custom elements.
  • Technical advisor to product owners, designers and marketing.
  • Lead Developer on a complete visual overhaul of an existing banking solution, spread over three technical stacks (Java JSP, Angularjs, VueJS) using the customer's graphic charter.
  • Development of React components, used via Gatsby, GraphQL and a Wordpress backend.
  • Visual redesign and development of email templates, progressive degradation testing.
  • Creation of a PDF document generator with Puppeteer, using Node JS, Express and MongoDB.
  • Organization and reworking of graphic standards, creation of visual aids.
FRONT-END DEVELOPER, Id3i Agency, 2016 - 2018
  • Development of responsive websites from templates using HTML, CSS and Jquery.
  • Ongoing development of the company's CMS, audits with customers.
  • Prototyping and design of desktop and mobile applications.


2019 - In-house courses - Apside Academy
3 days each: VueJS, Angular 8, Typescript.
2015 - Bachelor Professional degree - University of Caen
Web development cursus, 9-month training course, 3-month internship.
2009 - Bachelor of Arts and Media - Caen School of Fine Arts
Communication cursus, 4-years.

Skills & tech stacks

  • English: Experienced (C2 level)
  • Spanish: notions
  • JavaScript: Svelte, Sveltekit, Vue, React
  • CSS: Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • HTML: accessibility, web components
  • Programming: notions in Python, GO, Bash for personal projects
  • User Experience: basic knowledge, respect of HTML guidelines
  • Web Design: experienced at expanding an existing design, fixing a lack of cohesion, and design systems

Missions details

Prototyping applications in the cloud

Photo of me

From 2021 to 2024 I joined the hosting provider Iguana Solutions as a frontend engineer to help build a *still under NDA* project. We worked for several months on different technical prototypes, where my missions were to design and implement easy to use drag and drop interfaces ; while also managing the application's state through stores, as well as its data flow and user inputs.

Following our CTO's request of using only AWS services and our need for velocity, I picked Svelte for its ease of use and out of the box performances, and built a Single Page Application that ran on AWS Amplify. Along the way, I built several libraries to interface with other services like Cognito (Authentification), Xray (Tracing), API Gateway, to reuse in our different projects.

Our team delivered several working prototypes and, by the end of the project, I implemented a new, sleaker design to introduce the project to selected clients and partners.

Due to non-disclosure agreement, the full story and images are only available on demand.

Rethinking the engineering and processes of interface creation at Arkea

Photo of me

From 2018 to 2020 I joined the Arkea banking group as a UI engineer to help modernize the technical stack and processes. We moved from several intricate SASS codebases to a single library of components, flexible enough to support several designs and 100% WCAG compliant.

As this technical change restricted a very freeform design culture, I volunteered to participate in design meetings to help the designers, marketers and product owners understand how to work with a design system.

This team effort resulted in a sharp decline of interface, accessibility and responsive bugs. It reduced drastically the cost of making, delivering and testing user interfaces.

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Printed letters, smart emails and modern blog stacks at Compte CO2

Photo of me

When I arrived at Compte CO2, the company was launching new products and needed a total revamp of all its frontend styles. With the help of a graphic designer we started a six month marathon, redoing everything from the main website to the blog, but also email templates and print styles for printed bank documents.

This short mission was a massive step forward in my career, as I was able to learn a lot about moderm JavaScript tooling and frameworks. I self-studied React and NodeJS before starting, and developed my first official component library for a client.

All those efforts resulted in a more cohesive vision for the company and a greater understanding of modern web development practices for me.

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Freelance Works

Screen capture of the website mensfashioner

The Mens Fashioner crew hired me to help build their long-awaited men's lifestyle ressource, starting with the selection of the tech stack up to webdesign and the frontend development. My careful implementation of their design into tokens and components, combined with the strong wysiwyg editor of Kirby CMS, allowed them to compose a personal yet profesional looking website.

Screen capture of the website IMEC

IMEC had just finished reworking their website with a freelancer and were unhappy with the result, which did not look cohesive and did not felt profesional. I reworked the entirety of the stylesheets, cleaned and standardized the templates and components, and reworked the accessibility.

Screen capture of a live show by Gauthier Andres

When freelance journalist Gauthier Andres launched his daily talk show on youtube, he knew he had to diffuse it as a podcast. I built BOTOZ using Python, as a command line utility to transcode youtube videos into MP3 and XML files. BOTOZ is now a fully automated open source solution running in the background, and has served hundreds of episodes to thousands of listeners.

Screen capture of the website Bas Gros Poing

Bas Gros Poing is the longest running active website and podcast about fighting games in French language. Guillaume Brindon redesigned the website under my guidance, and I developped the whole frontend. The animations and design elements are inspired by arcade cabinets, character select screens, and the nineties esthetics.

Selected writings about web development

Writing has been a big part of my personal and profesional life. Below are some articles or tutorials I wrote about web development.

HTML Tips and tricks
A massive and comprehensive guide about HTML good practices, going from accessibility and layout to specific elements, written to help friends improve their websites.
CSS Methodologies through history
A long form article detailing how good practices around CSS evolved with time, and how different people solve the same problem in very different ways.

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