A list of JavaScript frameworks

This list was created by Bastian from the Kirby Team on the Kirby Discord. For conservation purposes, I reproduced it here. It was then consolidated using Tom Mac Wright article about Single Page Apps replacements.

JS-based page transitions

Using the history API and Ajax requests to fetch HTML of the next page and replace the current body with it.

JS-enhanced HTML

Event handling/reactivity/dom manipulation via HTML attributes

Inline replacement of components

Static HTML gets updated via websockets or Ajax calls on the fly with small snippets rendered on the server.

Server-injected SPA

A client-side, component based application (Vue, React, etc) gets its state from pre-rendered JSON

Traditional SPA

A client-side, component-based application (Vue, React, etc) but data is being fetched via API (REST or GraphQL).

Opinionated full-stack JavaScript frameworks

Using existing frontend and backend stacks in an opinionated way to offer a fullstack solution in full JavaScript