Drawing notes

This page aims to collect notes from various ressources I encountered while re-learning to draw.

Drawing, like most craftsmanship, is about figuring out a process you find interesting and feel like doing thousands of times without getting bored.
— Me, About drawing

As all craftsmanships, drawing is a complex mix of theorical and practical things to learn, remember and apply. Those pages aim to help me doing just that.

Those notes are public but heavily opinionated and are not to be taken as face value. Think abou them as cards you pick when you have to remember a specific thing.

I want to point out that a lot of these notes are inspired by the talented artist and teacher Devin Korwin, whom books gave me the confidence to start drawing again. If you can spare the money, stop reading this and buy his books.

Composition is an abstract language that can be manipulated to achieve artistic goals
Contrasts in drawing
Using contrast in drawing helps maximizing the effect of the composition

Initially published: June 5th, 2022
Generated: June 5th, 2022