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Chīsai is a small website generator, editable and hosted on github, with automatic deployment.

Purpose and mission

Chīsai is aimed at empowering people who need a free solution to have their own small space on the internet without falling into the CMS install and maintenance crazyness. All content is in markdown files, in folders, and the user can edit, upload images and host on github.

Chīsai answers three very important things for me when it comes to websites:

  1. It should be easy to modify by someone else
  2. It should be durable and long lasting
  3. Each person should own the code of its website

How does it work?

You can see a demo here. It's quite simple:

How to use it?

See the wiki for extensive guides for everything.

Technical stuff

Chīsai main build script is less than 400 lines of Python. It uses a local version of Mistune to parse Markdown, making it independant from any third party script.

Who can use it?

Chīsai is a free to use by individuals and organizations that do not operate by capitalist principles. For more information see the license file.