About me

I have a strong interest in indie web, low tech and sustainable stacks. I've been producing podcasts and writing about fighting games, my main hobby, for more than ten years and have worked for professional publications and brands; as well as organized tournaments and events in non-profit organizations. I also was a French comics specialized bookseller.

I'm a front-end developer specialized in interfaces, user experience and accessibility. I'm a technical generalist with experience on web projects of all sizes and all types of stacks. I have worked alone, as well as in teams of dozens of people, sometimes as a technical advisor for non-technical coworkers.

This website's design was commissioned to atari, icons were commissioned to Saskia Freeke.


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I use custom keyboards to write and work
Curriculum vitae
My curriculum vitae
Raspberry Pi
My Raspberry Pi configuration
Where I put temporary informations
Arcade Stick
Arcade sticks are pure digital fun


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Art journey

My influences and how they shaped my art journey — Read more