A collection of tools I use or made.

Why I make my own tools

As software developers we are all the time required to follow the next big thing and use new frameworks or libraries. It comes with a lot of code bloat, it requires to relearn everything from scratch and does not favors building strong fundamentals. It's also exhausting and maintains people into imposter syndrome.

Creating my own instead of using other people's tools is a very appreciable exercise of self-discovery. It allows to ask, ala Marie Kondo, if these tools, frameworks, libraries I use all the time as a software developer bring me happiness. And if not, why do I keep using them?

Coding my tools removes the notion of efficiency and productivity associated with software development. I don't know when the tool I build will be done and it doesn't matter, that's why it's relaxing. Instead of complying with other people way of doing, I discover my own and my software evolves with me.

It's a reappropriation of the means of production towards self-discovery.

I use custom keyboards to write and work
Curriculum vitae
My curriculum vitae
Raspberry Pi
My Raspberry Pi configuration
Where I put temporary informations
Arcade Stick
Arcade sticks are pure digital fun

Initially published: November 23rd, 2020
Generated: January 2nd, 2022