Third Strike Ryu Matchups Notes


Ryu "donkey kick" 41236 + kick
Parry > 2HP > Joudan Kick EX

Vs Dudley

Dudley standing normals:

+3 on block, target with MP is +1.
6 + LP
+1/+3 on block, better range than LP but 1 frame slower on startup.
-1/+1 on block, 3f startup, don't challenge if spammed.
6 + MP
-1/+1 on block.
-1/+1 on block, can be whiff punished by far MK easily if out of range, HK also work. 2MK is dangerous. P2HPJ Works.
HP (charged)
-1/-3 on block, can be whiff punished by 2HK during startup, otherwise it trades. P2HPJ works.
+2/+4 on block.
0/+2 on block.
6 + MK
+2/+4 on block.
+4/+6 on block, can be whiff punished by MK, 2MK or 2HK.
6 + HK
-2 on block, overhead.

Dudley Crouching normals:

All normals are either 0 or positive on block except for 2MK.

2 + MK
-10 on block but put Dudley out of range of everything fast enough except for 2HK.
2 + HK
+3 on block, don't challenge after.

Dudley specials:

Machine Gun Blow (41236 + P)
-3/-1, -9/-7, -12/-15 and -15/-13 (EX) on block. Pushes Dudley back on block. Light version cannot be punished, medium and strong can be punished with 2MK > Tatsumaki, EX can be punish with raw Ex Joudan.
Ducking Straight (41236 + K > P)
-7 on block (standing, does not hit low). Punishable on block with HP Shoryuken if Dudley is not at max range.
Ducking Uppercut (41236 + K > P)
-12/-14 on block. Punishable on block with 2MK > Medium Tatsumaki, but needs to be done fast.
Short Swing Blow (63214 + K)
0/+2 on block. Resets situation.

Dudley Super Arts:

Rocket Uppercut
Startup is 0, easy to punish with HP > Joudan EX when Dudley falls down.
Rolling Thunder
Startup is 1, -9/-11 on block. Can be punished with DP.
Corkscrew Blow
Startup is 0, -10/-12 on block. Can be punished with 2MK > Tatsumaki if guarded standing and if Dudley is not too far. Beware of frame traps Corkscrew Blow > Corkscrew Blow.

Initially published: October 1st, 2023
Generated: October 6th, 2023