The 3 stacks coding challenge of Axa Bank

In short

From 2018 to 2020 I joined the Arkea banking group as a UI engineer. In 2019 the Axa group wanted to expand its banking features and bought Arkea's technical solution. I was picked as the lead UI developer for this mission.

There were two contradictory guidelines from both sides of the table:

  1. Axa wanted the new website should to respect its graphical chart, a 900+ pages document highlighting everything from buttons to layouts.
  2. Due to time and budget constraints, Arkea thought the new website should reuse the existing design and layouts as much as possible, and not challenge the existing technical stacks.

I reached a middle ground with both parties, in which we agreed to take the following steps:

This approach allowed us to create a new set of components that could be reused in the 3 technical stacks that composed the whole banking solution:

  1. Server side rendered pages made with .jsp template files.
  2. Client side rendered pages made with AngularJS.
  3. Client side rendered pages made with our new library of components.

By making decisive technical choices upfront

I started the project alone and was then joined by Aude Velly Menut.

The client(s)

The Arkea group is a local banking behemot here in Brittany, employing around 5000 persons. The Credit Mutuel de Bretagne (shortened as CMB) is the oldest business of the group, with agencies in almost all cities in the region.

The CMB has a technical banking solution used internally by multiple subsidiaries that all have their specific needs. It also sells its banking solution to external companies, resulting in a very large codebase.

I joined a 6 persons team in charge of developing user interfaces for all subsidiaries and clients and delivering them to other teams in the same service (around 100 people).

The problem(s)

The solution(s)

Lesson(s) learned

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