I use two keyboards: the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) by PFU and a Happy Hacking Keyboard plate replica made in China.

Happy Hacking Keyboard

The happy hacking keyboard
The happy hacking keyboard | Full size

Bought in 2016 at Akihabara in Japan, this HHKB had been my daily driver since. It took several weeks to get used to it as I learned both to write in QWERTY and the very special layout of this keyboard. It's currently customized with a japanese keyset. As for all HHKBs, the switches are Topre.

HHKB plate replica

My plate replica of HHKB
My plate replica of HHKB | Full size

Bought in 2018 to have a second keyboard with the HHKB layout to drop at work. This keyboard initially had a rough CNC cut plate with Outemu Purple switches. I unsoldered the switches and replaced them with Cherry MX Silent Red. A friend also lubed them to avoid making noise. A vinyl like sticker was then applied to the plate to hide the rough metal.

Initially published: November 23rd, 2020
Generated: March 3rd, 2023