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On this page are unused objects that I want to give away for free to members of the Merveilles community that may need them. My goal is to empower our members with tools so they can achieve a greater life, improve their artistic projects, or just have fun. I prioritize people in financial difficulty or in minority groups (POC, LGBTQA+, etc.).

If one of those objects interested you, contact me on Merveilles. Shipping fees are on you, and I can send them to any part of the world (I'm in Europe).

Audigy internal soundcard

I don't remember when I got this. It's Create Audigy sound card that is at least 10 years old. It has multiple ports, needs to be plugged to a PCI port. Not tested, so no guarantee it works perfectly.

Audigy card Audigy card

Cheap DIY PS2 arcade stick

An arcade stick made of a cheap but sturdy plastic case. The parts are Sanwa and a bit worn out, but still work. It's compatible with Playstation 2 through a hackpad. Can be plugged to a computer using an adapter (see below) but remains a bit complicated to configure. It's probably better to buy a cheap board on ali-express and put it in.

Note: if you are not interested in the case but want the part that's OK, I have some leftovers too.

Cheap DIY PS2 arcade stick top Cheap DIY PS2 arcade stick insides

Telex broadcast XLR helmet

A vintage XLR Telex helmet. Super sturdy, gives you the look of an helicopter pilot. Has a nice sound but may need proper rewiring or customization.

Telex broadcast XLR helmet

Macbook Pro 13 inches 2013

A second hand Macbook Pro from 2013. It has an i5, 8gigs of ram and an SSD of 256gigabytes. The screen is still sharp, but suffers from a default of conception where air bubbles came between the glass and the LCD.

It's a bit on the slow side on the last MacOS version, so I suggest using an older version, or installing linux on it.

Comes with the magsafe charger and a plastic transparent protection. I can install a distribution on it if you have a sloppy internet connection or lack USB keys.

Please consider people in dire need of a computer before asking for this one.

Macbook Pro 13 inches 2013

Raspberry Pi model B with cables

This is a Raspberry Pi model B with a set of cables and a case. Cables included are DVI, jack to RCA, a charger with a button switch, a micro-usb to usb adapter and an SD card to SD mini adapter. Not SD card provided.

Raspberry Pi model B with cables Raspberry Pi model B with cables

Ps2 adapter

A simple Playstation 2 to USB adapter.

Ps2 adapter

64 gigabytes SSD

A small SSD from when it was super expensive.

64 gigabytes SSD

Xbox 360 pad

For games!

Xbox 360 pad
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