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I'm currently trying to define what my design aesthetics are. This page serves as a reference point that helps me find answers. My ultimate goal would be to create my own design system.


I like minimalist interfaces that work both in light and dark mode.

Left text editor by 100 rabbits
Ronin image editor by 100 rabbits

Color and visual language

I like the idea of color and visual language (like icons) having meaning all over the application. For example in my future program I have these data types:

Dijo habbit tracker by NerdyPepper
Orca music programming tool by 100 rabbits


For some reason I like it a lot when the capture subject is part of a grander interface. It gives context and intention, and helps to focus on what's important at the same time.

Fortunae finance tool by uonai
The i3 window manager featuring the terminal RSS reader newsboat and the terminal music player MPSYT
Fortunae finance tool by uonai

Displaying data

I like the idea of retro computer aesthetics for displaying information instead of color (that I think should be used for visual language). It can be graphs, maps, icons, numbers, text.

But I'm not really nostalgic of the aesthetic. It's just more functionnal.

Ronbun time tracking tool by me
A capture of the Uxn virtual stack machine by 100 rabbits

Abstract animations

I like abstract animations that give visual identity to the rest of the program. They probably should not appear too much, but could be used in discreet places to make them more interesting (like a footer on a website);

Arts by @lvl374 on twitter.


I like a lot of illustrations styles but the one I feel works well for the web uses flat colors and lines. But I don't like the trend of vector illustration as a way to infantilize people like. They have to be eerie, complex and capture the intention.

The added bonus: it's possible to animate them when they are in SVG, making the website more alive.

Art by @jellyflavor on twitter
Art by @jellyflavor on twitter

Art by @Gaako_illust on twitter.


I like objects two ways:

In both situation, I like that they are analogic. No touch screen for example, I prefer real buttons.

Radio by Dieter Rams
Pocket operator music instrument