The front-end developer that loves design and user experience

I'm a Thomas, a design enginer with 8 years of experience working at the front of the front-end.

I code designs with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG. I collaborate with design teams on design and user experience. If you have trouble coding responsive, accessible and cohesive designs, I'm probably the person you are looking for.

Selected Works

I have built several websites and application in the last 6 years. Below are the ones I really enjoyed working on, wheter for their organisational challenges, technical stacks, or simply their beautiful designs.

Crédit Mutuel Arkea

Develop a design system of reusable, accessible, native components that can be used in any JavaScript framework as custom elements.
Technical stack
Accessible HTML, native CSS, native JavaScript, Web Components, Storybook, Webpack, GIT.
Crédit Mutuel Arkea website screen capture
A work in progress screen capture of the CMB website. At the time of screening, the goal was to recreate the most common features like bank transfers, credit card management, etc. | Full size
Crédit Mutuel Arkea storybook screen capture
All components, as well as documentation and demos were stored inside a Storybook to facilitate development. | Full size
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Rethinking the engineering and processes of interface creation at Arkea.

Compte CO2

Develop the frontend for an interactive homepage, and redo the whole blog, using Gatsby as a static site generator and Wordpress as a headless CMS. Other missions included print templates and email templates.
Technical stack
React, Gatsby, GraphQL, Styled components, Headless Wordpress.
Compte CO2 screen capture
A screen capture of the website Compte CO2 | Full size
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Printed letters, smart emails and modern blog stacks at CO2 Account.

J'aime Concept Store

Develop the frontend of a high-end local concept store to help its development.
Technical stack
HTML, CSS with Bootstrap 4, Jquery, on top of an in-house e-commerce platform made in ASP.NET MVC.
J'aime concept store screen capture
A screen capture of the website J'aime Concept Store | Full size

Case studies

Web projects are complicated! What are the problems I faced, what were the contexts I worked in, and what did I bring to the table? Those are the questions my case studies articles try to answer.

Rethinking the engineering and processes of interface creation at Arkea

From 2018 to 2020 I joined the Arkea banking group as a UI engineer to help modernize the technical stack and processes. We moved from several intricate SASS codebases to a single library of components, flexible enough to support several designs and 100% WCAG compliant.

As this technical change restricted a very freeform design culture, I volunteered to participate in design meetings to help the designers, marketers and product owners understand how to work with a design system.

This team effort resulted in a sharp decline of interface, accessibility and responsive bugs. It reduced drastically the cost of making, delivering and testing user interfaces.

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Printed letters, smart emails and modern blog stacks at CO2 Account

When I arrived at Compte CO2, the company was launching new products and needed a total revamp of all its frontend styles. With the help of a graphic designer we started a six month marathon, redoing everything from the main website to the blog, but also email templates and print styles for printed bank documents.

This short mission was a massive step forward in my career, as I was able to learn a lot about moderm JavaScript tooling and frameworks. I self-studied React and NodeJS before starting, and developed my first official component library for a client.

All those efforts resulted in a more cohesive vision for the company and a greater understanding of modern web development practices for me.

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Selected writings about web development

Writing has been a big part of my personal and profesional life. Below are some articles or tutorials I wrote about web development.

HTML Tips and tricks
A massive and comprehensive guide about HTML good practices, going from accessibility and layout to specific elements, written to help friends improve their websites.
CSS Methodologies through history
A long form article detailing how good practices around CSS evolved with time, and how different people solve the same problem in very different ways.

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