I keep dated notes in this page. They can be about a subject I care about or personal entries.

Design and disappointment
It seems impossible for me to find a company who cares about design
From static site generator to static site processor
How I found a good balance between wanting to do everything myself and accepting tooling that works well.
My 2022 year review
Every web stack is a product now
Monitoring the field doesn't feel like learning new things anymore. It feels like reading a never ending flow of brand content updates similar to consumer tech products.
Recovering from depression
Learning about depression risk factors and how to mitigate them
2021 Year review
About the no-js mindset
Too much JavaScript is bad, no JavaScript isn't better
One year with antidepressants
I've been taking antidepressants for a year now, and I wanted to write a kind of testify about what it was.
Personal systems productivity and slippers
A reflection on personal tooling and how people have different expectations about them
Lost in the dev world
Wondering where to go from now
2020 Year review
Renovation journal
A journal about the restoration of my apartment
I removed the computer
I removed my main computer from my desk
The soft power of JavaScript
A reflection on how JavaScript self-sustains itself through never-ending novelty
My ideal phone
What I wish from a phone
All things I read, watched in 2019
An explanation about why I track some stuff in my life