Front-dev & journalist

Eau du ponant

01 Sep 2016

Client: Eau du Ponant is the local water public company of Brest and surroundings. It’s a new type of public company started in 2012 that aims to take back its independence from the private sector. Eau du Ponant deserves 260 000 customers.

Project: a clear website to answer the most common questions customers may have in order to reduce phone calls. The website also contains links to the client area, original services and of course news.

My job: manage the project from first meeting to production. Help to build the needed new functionalities for our in-house CMS (ASP.NET C#). Develop the whole front-end part (html/css/jquery). Built on Bootstrap with Sass, Object Oriented CSS and BEM, this website aims to be as light as possible, responsive on all mobile devices and tablets, with scalable css. All page content are created using drag and drop with our in-house CMS which replicated the front end css into the back end for a real wysiwyg experience.