Front-dev & journalist

Who am I

I'm a front end developper based in Brittany that also loves to write, especially about my hobby: fighting games.

I've been writing on the internet for more than 15 years and one day, I decided I wasn't satisfied to just write and started running my own websites. I went back to school to become a web developper. I am now a front end developper specialized in content/container relation and a firm believer they should always be thought together.

Oh and I also develop my own websites for my own content now!

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Where are you?

- I currently live in Brittany, France.

Are you free?

- Yes, I'm currently looking for new opportunities. You can hire me both for front end dev or writing.

Why is this website so... black and white?

- I have a strange obsession for black and white since art school. I just love black and white. Don't worry, I won't force it on you.